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News about SGO Products

New Product: MirrorMate Frames Give New Life To Old Mirrors

mirrormate1We’re always looking for innovative ways of using glass to give a fresh, custom look to your rooms. MirrorMate Frames do just that, simply by changing the appearance of your existing mirrors. Why buy an entirely new mirror, when the old one is in good shape and is already installed?

Available in a variety of colors and styles, these wood frames are custom cut and applied onto the mirror itself. They hide the exposed edge of the mirror, as well as any hardware holding it to the wall, including mirror clips. Best of all, you don’t even need to remove the mirror to apply the frame.

MirrorMate frames can be used to accent any mirror, no matter where it’s located. They even work on mirrors where there is little to no clearance between the glass and a cabinet, counter or wall. Great for remodeling multi-room commercial spaces, they’re equally suited to redecorating your home. In just minutes that old utilitarian mirror becomes a decorative highlight of the room.

See Products – MirrorMate Frames for more information.

New Product: SGO LifeFilm Lets You Print Images On Glass

LifeFilm Painting

We’re really excited here about our newest product, SGO LifeFilm. This  a unique process of permanently printing images onto a sheet of film, which is then securely bonded onto glass or acrylic. The result is a vivid, dimensional and textured image that has the strength and integrity of a solid piece of safety glass. Any high quality digital image can be printed: a photograph, painting, logo, even a stained glass image.

Affordable and visually striking, LifeFilm represents the perfect marriage of the classic and high-tech.  Now you can incorporate vacation photos into a stained glass window, or perfectly render a corporate logo for a backlit glass sign. Transform paintings into bright, glowing works of glass art. You can even use LifeFilm to economically duplicate a stained glass window onto multiple pieces of glass for fundraisers and raffles. The look can be sleek and modern, or rich and ornate, all depending on the images used.

SGO LifeFilm greatly opens up the possibilities of glasswork. It’s easy to clean and maintain, and gives you the freedom to explore any direction of design.

See Products – SGO LifeFilm for more information.